Condominium Law

In Malta, like in any other country, development became the norm and exception. However, due to the limited land to be considered for development, apartments, blocks, condominium building or complexes became attractive.

These mixture of aforementioned developments are usually owned different individuals, and common parts of the property, such as the grounds, fa├žade and building structure, are owned jointly by all unit owners.

Condominium Administration in Malta and Gozo is a newly introduced concept by virtue of Condominium Act (Chapter 398 of the Laws of Malta) enacted in 2001. The latter provides that the unit owners must form an association and appoint an administrator to take care of various mundane tasks.

Some of the duties of the Administrator are as follows:

  • Register the Condominium as an association with the Land Registry;
  • Keep a register containing details of owners, minutes of meetings and correspondences;
  • Provide general day-to-day maintenance and administration;
  • Prepare and organise annual general meetings;
  • Prepare annual budgets and financial statements;
  • Debt collection (contributions related to up keeping etc.);
  • Keep close liaison with professionals such as auditors, accountants and legal experts.

Our office provides assistance to several administrators, and unit owners alike, to resolve pending issues related to any matters revolving around Condominium Law.

Caruana De Brincat Legal specialise in, drafting of condominium rules and regulations, assist administrators and unit owners to prepare for annual / extraordinary general meetings, supervise or chair mentioned proceedings, and act as legal counsel prior and during proceedings related to complaints lodged before with the Malta Arbitration Centre, any Tribunal or Court.