Corporate & Commercial

Company Incorporation

Setting up a business will more often than not require that you set up a company to handle it. Setting up a limited liability company, be it public or private, in line with the Laws of Malta requires a number of decisions that we at Caruana De Brincat Legal will have to explore with clients.

A company, similar to any other commercial partnerships is created by means of an agreement, also called the Memorandum of Association (MoA), between its shareholders or members. The said shall be registered with the Registry of Companies (RoC), whom in turn will confirm the company’s incorporation.

The Limited Liability Company (Ltd) setup is the most commonly chosen medium for doing business in Malta and around the European Union, because it offers a vast array of advantages to shareholders of having their liability caped to the amount remaining unpaid on their shares capital, however this is not a card-blanc since there are limitations related to wrongful and fraudulent trading.  

A company is considered as a legal distinct person in its own right and this have a juridical identity, thus the assets and liabilities of the company are separate from those of its shareholders.

We provide guidance regarding to the choice of entity formation, intellectual property protection, application and counselling, property law (purchases, rental and selling of immovable and movable property), employment Law (employment and visa permits), commercial law, contract negotiation and drafting, and equipment rental or leasing.

Caruana De Brincat Legal provide all these services as a one stop shop basis. Call us to discuss further your requirements.

Intellectual Property

Corporate image is one of the most important aspects of how a company communicates with its audience, whichever social strata is being targeted. Corporate Identity amounts to a corporate name or title, logo or mission statement and supporting devices commonly assembled within a set of guidelines. These guidelines govern how the identity of the firm applied which includes the basic aspects of corporate image, such as approved colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts and other matters.  

This also includes the taking care of several legal matters such as registration of trademarks, trade names and other issues. It is an important aspect which is to be taken onboard from an embryonic stage during the company formation, or when there is a transition, or rebranding strategy.

Our office can assist with trademark registration and other matters related thereto, thus can offer a full 360 service when it comes to intellectual property and corporate identity strategy.