Employment Law & People Management

Caruana De Brincat Legal is driven by a committed HRM believer. Natalino Caruana De Brincat`s motto is “employees are the most important asset to the success of any organisation”. We have been delegated to monitor, devise strategies, rules, procedures and implement corporate management changes. The change process can also include a company`s restructuring, which usually is preceded by a one-to-one interview of all employees and this after having understood the momentum and impetus behind the change drive.

Employment Law is daily assuming added importance not least in view of the multicultural profile of our country.

Clients regularly need to be assisted about different forms of employment, as in distinguishing between contracts for a definite or for an indefinite term, contracts on a part-time or whole time basis, contracts where the employer avails himself of the services of his provider who remains a self-employed person, and contracts with persons of different nationalities where attention would also need to be given to visa, residence and employment licence requirements (vide section dealing with employment licence applications).

As in other fields of law, your requirements and success are our own requirements and our own success.

Caruana De Brincat Legal assists clients in drafting custom-made employment contracts, termination notices and agreements and, in instances of dispute, our office also offers its services to employees / employers in exploring the possibility of an amicable settlement, or, where necessary, represents them before the local Industrial Tribunal.