Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services – previously known as the Individual Investment Programme (IIP)

In March 2014, the Government of Malta launched the Individual Investor Programme (IIP) to acquire a Maltese Citizenship by naturalisation. The said programme was intrinsically tied to an investment injected by applicant in the Maltese economy together with the necessity for the applicant to establish strong ties to the country.

in 2020 the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services programme was brought into effect by virtue of legal notice 437 of 2020 with the scope of prescribing the requirements and regulating the granting of citizenship by naturalisation for exceptional services to the Republic of Malta on the basis of humanity, or on the basis of exceptional interest to the Republic of Malta. This programme will lead to the granting of Maltese citizenship to the main applicant and his family dependents following the satisfaction of the programme requirements. A thorough due diligence process underlies this whole programme so as to ensure that only those genuine applicants who merit becoming citizens of Malta are actually granted this privilege.  

Upon the approval to obtain the Maltese Citizenship, the applicant, together with his dependents, will automatically benefit from all rights accessible to Malta citizens. The above information is not a fully comprehensive guide and maybe subject to changes by the local authorities from time to time.

Caruana De Brincat Legal, together with their accredited partners, can assist prospective applicants to successfully be considered for the The Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services.