Residence, Work & Employment Licence Applications

Malta being a full member of the European Union (EU) gives the right opportunities for one to set his place of abode. However, even though Malta is a member of the EU, a person having the intention to settle permanently in Malta is still obliged to follow specific immigration Laws, which differ from those of other EU jurisdictions. Citizens of foreign countries (also known as third-country national or TCN`s), particularly non-EU nationals require a visa in order to enter the Maltese Islands and also it might be the case where one needs an Employment Licence.

Furthermore, once in Malta, both EU citizens and third-country nationals, are required to apply for a residence permit covering the entire period of their stay in Malta if this extends beyond the original period granted by their visa.

This means that the permit will involve the submitting of appropriate applications to comply with the local authorities.  Caruana De Brincat Legal have first-hand knowledge regarding the process to be followed and thus provide the ideal one-stop-shop for all circumstances.